Three years ago I started making mixed media clothing. However after my house burned and I lost everything about 6 months after I started; I left it as it was. Now I plan to pick up where I left off, but better than before. No two shirts as the same, but can be bought from me if you like them.

The Wizard on Mars.

2nd one done, made this as a gift for my roommate, his birthday is tomorrow. 


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The first few are always rough drafts of what’s to come. Don’t have much to work with right now, but just finished this one.

P.s taken with a shitty phone camera. 

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First set is going to be inspired and based around 90s media.

An old tube TV, VCR, Tapes, CDs, bottle caps, broken glass, headphones, etc. Should have some photos up by the end of the weekend.

Later sets will include the fallowing items. Pills, spray bottles, tooth brush, pens, bottles, keys, tools, robots, zombies, hearts, fangs, broken things, blood, zippers, vents, speakers, wires, computer parts, grills, chains, staples, tape, knives, words, quotes, leaves, branches, mushrooms, lights. Also whatever I think of at the time for the set & theme. 

I’ll post the first theme’s name when I finish some of them. 

Prices will be up soon. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be asking for more than $20 a shirt, etc.

(If you provide the clothing you want augmented the price will be cut in half.)

Care instructions: Turn inside out, wash with cold water, tumble dry with low heat. 

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I have some others, but cannot locate the photos for them at the moment. Everything you see before this post is no longer loot. The first 2012 set will be sometime in the next two weeks. As I finish them photos will be posted, it’s first come first sever online & offline. However people online will know first. 

The only hints I can give for the first set is. Tv kibbles & bits, shades, sharp objects & bottle caps, because we all love to drink our youth away. 

Also if you find something you like, but it’s not you’re size let me know & I’ll make you one, however no two shirts can ever be the same. Something will be different. 

(Source: alcuinaugmentations)